About Us
Why EZ Tax Solutions Software?
EZ Tax Solutions is a leading provider of tax preparation software. By delivering a solution that offers the industry’s highest levels of accuracy and convenience, we help entrepreneurs build a profitable income stream in a market that is growing rapidly.

Tax preparation business owners who utilize our software can earn $100,000 or more their first year – and from there the sky is the limit (results vary by individual). Plus, thanks to the ease-of-use of our software anybody can become a tax preparation business owner with no tax experience required.

Those who use our tax preparation software in their business currently include former real estate investors, travel agents, military veterans, lawn care providers, retired seniors, restaurant owners, stay-at-home moms, and people from numerous other walks of life.

That’s one of the great things about this software – anyone can use it. You don’t have to have any special experience or knowledge. This is truly “plug-and-play software that delivers accurate results while saving staff time and frustration.

The truth is everything you need to handle important tax matters quickly can be processed with ease inside EZ Tax Solutions software.Even during the busy tax season, you can meet all your deadlines from anywhere.

We don’t know about you, but sitting on a beach with a cool drink in hand seems much more enjoyable than being stuck in a high-pressure office environment.

Scale Your Revenue & Client-Base Anywhere With The Professional Cloud Based Tax Prep Software
EZ Tax Solutions Software You’ll Get
  • All-Inclusive Software
  • Integrated Bank Products
  • Customizable Mobile App
  • Client Portal
  • Integration
  • Unlimited Support
Thanks to EZ Tax Solutions software
  • It is not expensive to launch a tax preparation business
  • You can start your business in weeks instead of months or years
  • You have the flexibility to set your own hours and work when and from where you want
  • You determine how much money you want to make in your tax preparation business
Plus, when you choose EZ Tax Solutions software you are selecting a business partner that is dedicated to meeting your needs and providing you with superior service.

We offer highly responsive customer service along with a product that is well-known for its dependability and high performance.